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Singing Playground Community
Singing Playgrounds Community

Our new Singing Playgrounds Community Page is where you can play along with our favourite singing games, keep up to date with what’s going on in Singing Playgrounds and maybe even get your class or whole school featured on our page.


Check out our favourite activities at the moment


Composed by: Trad adapted by Dan Ludford-Thomas
Presented by: Pippa Wright

Visuals by: Helena Raeburn
Edited by: Simon Peter King

Like to the Lark

Written by Dan Ludford-Thomas
Created and performed by members of Ex Cathedra’s education team:
Dan Ludford-Thomas (voice)
Rebecca Ledgard (backing vocals)
Ruairi Edwards (piano)
Simon Peter King (guitars)
Simone Rebello (percussion)
with children from Anderton Park Primary School, Birmingham

Produced by Matt Terry
Recorded and filmed at Vada Studios
Filmed and edited by Simon Peter King

Play All Day

Composed by: Trad. English adapted by the Team
Performed by: Helena Raeburn

We are a charity and so if you’d like to support us to make more of these films please do consider making a small donation of just £3 by texting SINGPLAY3 to 70470

With thanks to Birmingham Music Education Partnership and Everything to Everybody who funded our Singing Playgrounds Birmingham Programme and have allowed us to use some of those films here.

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“My proudest moment was seeing Song Leaders engaging with other children in the playground especially the shy children.”

Birmingham Teacher

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