Singing-play for the primary school classroom


Teacher, St Anthony’s

Putting singing–play at the heart of the primary school classroom

From a project offer of teacher training, big-sing workshops, school lessons, and a new resource featuring many new songs composed by Ex Cathedra’s Education Team, Singing Connections is designed to enable KS1 & KS2 teachers to put singing at the heart of classroom learning.

Singing Connections aims to:

Enable classroom teachers to use singing games and creative singing activities to support learning and development in numeracy and literacy in the classroom

Use singing play to develop vocal skills and musicianship, personal and social skills, and community cohesion.

Singing Play

“I just wanted to thank you for sending such brilliant vocal coaches to our school”

Teacher, St Anthony’s

Developing Young Minds

The songs and singing games can be used to develop:

Vocal skills, musicianship and choral singing

Personal and social skills

Solo voice

Learning in numeracy and literacy

Creative thinking



Decision making


“It’s like therapy for us!”


How it Works

Partners may build a Singing Connections project from the project offer of:

Enable classroom teachers to use creative singing activities to support teaching and learning objectives

Use singing-play to support learning in numeracy and literacy

Enhance your class community

Develop children’s personal and social skills

Bring wellbeing into every lesson

“All of the children have had a fantastic day spent singing and enjoying songs”

Teacher, St Anthony’s

Get Singing

Singing Connections


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