Wonderful Day Songbook


Part of the EX CATHEDRA SingMaker collection
Rob Challinor, Rebecca Ledgard, Dan Ludford-Thomas, Simone Rebello, Suzzie Vango, Ula Weber

Put singing at the heart of your school community and set up the school day by bringing your children together through singing. Children love singing these positive and active sings written by experts in children’s singing development.

Ex Cathedra’s education team are passionate about the benefits of singing for individuals and communities. Through our SingMaker project we offer workshops and events with accompanying recordings and songbooks of our purpose-written repertoire and traditional tunes, for a range of ages, from babies to young teenagers, in the home or in school settings.
You can also attend or create you own SingMaker event. For more information click here.

1.Welcome to our School
2.Brand New Sound
3.Changing Gears
4.What is the Weather?
5.I just gotta Sing
6.Can you Sing it?
7.The Do Be Do Song
8.When I'm Walking Down the Street
9.Move on Down the Line
10.Monday Morning
11.Jump Together
13.Move it
14.A Walla
15.This is how we Rock
16.Believe in You
17.Sing Up! Sing Out!
18.Find the Groove
19.Get Down
20.Sunshine after Rain
21.Bele Mama
22.Song to Sing
23.Oh! What a Wonderful Day
24.My Song

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