Singing Bonds CD


Part of the EX CATHEDRA SingMaker collection
Rob Challinor, Rebecca Ledgard, Dan Ludford-Thomas, Simone Rebello, Suzzie Vango, Ula Weber

This collection is full of delightful songs, singing games and soothing lullabies for you to enjoy with your baby. Singing is a wonderful way to bond with babies, will bring you both feelings of well-being, is fun, and will help with their development.

Ex Cathedra’s education team are passionate about the benefits of singing for individuals and communities. SingMaker is a collection of recordings and accompanying songbooks, offering great songs and singing games to be sung with a range of ages, from babies to young teenagers.
1.What is the Weather?
2.Ah, Little Teddy Dances
3.Can you Sing it?
4.Ickle Ockle
5.Round and Round the Garden
6.Up like a Rocket
7.Mum and Dad and Uncle Tom
8.Humpty Dumpty
9.Hickory Dickory Dock
10.Row, Row, Row your boat
11.Here we go round the Mulberry Bush
12.One Little Elephant
13.Let's Make a Story
14.Write a Little Story
15.Golden Slumbers
16.Twinkle Twinkle
17.Lavender's Blue
18.La Luna
19.I Sing of Starlight
20.Bele Mama
21.Sing Lullaby
23.Senua de Dende

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