Can You Sing It? Digital Download (audio)


Part of the EX CATHEDRA SingMaker collection
EX CATHEDRA Education Team
Rob Challinor, Rebecca Ledgard, Dan Ludford-Thomas, Simone Rebello, Suzzie Vango, Ula Weber

This interactive collection of singing games has been developed to be a wonderful way for your early years and KS1 class to develop their personal and social skills, have fun together and also be supported in their development in literacy, numeracy, music and singing skills.

Ex Cathedra’s Education and Participation Team are passionate about the benefits of singing for individuals and communities. Through our SingMaker project we offer workshops and events with accompanying recordings and songbooks of our purpose-written repertoire and traditional tunes, for a range of ages, from babies to young teenagers, in the home or in school settings.
You can also create or attend your own SingMaker event. For more information click here.

Song list:

  1. Hello Everybody
  2. Welcome, welcome
  3. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
  4. Can you Sing it?
  5. Monday Morning.
  6. Ickle Ockle
  7. Rockabilly
  8. Stripey Girl
  9. Concentration Alphabet
  10. Ah, Little Teddy Dances
  11. Let's Make a Story
  12. Write a Little Story
  13. A Friend of Mine
  14. The Shopping Song
  15. Plant those Seeds
  16. If I were a Superhero
  17. One Little Elephant
  18. Geppetto had a Puppet
  19. Number Crunch
  20. The Do Be Do Song
  21. What is the Weather
  22. My Song

  1. Hello Everybody

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